It was a great feeling to design and launch a website for The Epilepsy Study Consortium—an accomplished and caring group dedicated to faster and safer epilepsy trials for patients. 
With over a decade of experience in designing for clinical drug trials, I appreciated learning more about what happens at the stages when a new therapy is a budding idea. Clients such as The Epilepsy Study Consortium is invigorating—knowledgeable and passionate people who are seeking a dance partner to give their work a visual identity.

The Epilepsy Study Consortium is a group of neurologists who work with neurologists; the website has to speak their language, yet be appealing to a mass audience. Featured at the top banner is an illustration of an electroencephalogram (EEG) showing seizure activity, easily recognizable by those working in epilepsy studies.

The Coalition members are well-known in their industry, they are at the pinnacle of epilepsy treatment studies. Despite their achievements, their old website did not toot their own horn. Graphics were made to engage the reader with the Coalition's impressive accomplishments. Toot!
The human figure basking in rays logo and the color purple was off-limits for redesigning, so the graphics were designed to support it. Using silhouettes, gradated shapes, and using parts of the logo in different settings, the logo and website become cohesive and completes the visual story. 
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