A video made for internal company use introducing a new data syncing service. The video plays in communal areas in-between company news and local information.
A brief video component to the annual report website for a pharmaceutical company. The color bands refer to different types of drugs in the pipeline. 
Introductory video to the annual report website. The bands that make up the brain represent different neurological disorders for which the company is exploring treatments.
A creative agency asked Topsoil to create a video to play before their weekly departmental inspirational share meeting. 
The above two videos were displayed on a 25 foot long walkway made of video displays with plexiglass over them. The top one is the animated looping video screensaver, the second video displays footsteps of how fast a patient with moderate multiple sclerosis can walk 25 feet (a standard walking test which helps doctors assess MS-related disability); users chose between the gait of someone with mild, moderate, or severe multiple sclerosis. Booth design by Mitchell Mauk.

25 foot walk display in action

The entire convention display 

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