Typawgraphic is an Instagram account I started to practice lettering. Parameters make great bouncing surfaces for creativity—the rules are 1) hand lettering 2) it must contain an animal—thus the "paw" in Typawgraphic.

Part of what made growing up in the California Bay Area special is the abundance of creativity all around—everyday people became the performers. To continue spreading this unique flavor of joy, I create apparel to wear at events to spread smiles and spark conversations.
The top hat is made of fiber optic strands connected to 4 LEDs slowly fading between a pastel selection of colors driven by software on an Arduino board. Many parts are re-purposed; the wires came from an old DVD player, the bundles of fiber optics are held together by boba straw segments. In the dark, it looks like a twinkling galaxy of stars emanating from my imagination. 
Dragon boat race
Face to face with technology
Gosling meets the world
Hummingbird outside my door
When it comes to design, working with photographers is my preference so my mind can stay focused on the job, but taking my own photos, particularly sports and wildlife images, conjures such a heightened sense of elation.
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